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Genesis II Church of Health & Healing Trademark/Tradename policy

The earth globe with banner and words around it, the words and logotype for each of the following:
“Genesis II Church of Health & Healing,”  
“Genesis II Forum of Health & Healing, Bringing Health to the World,”
"Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, Restoring Health to the World,"
"Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, Bringing Health to the World,"
the names, pictures, profiles and images of Jim Humble and Archbishop Jim Humble, and any combination of the foregoing, whether integrated into a larger whole or standing alone, are Genesis II Church of Health & Healing trademarks/tradenames.  All rights reserved.


LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS

Why this is important: The picture shows a successful International Red Cross operation where they proved that a new cure for malaria works in less than one day. You may already know that at this time more than 1.2 million people die from malaria each year, most of them children. None of these people need to die because there is a quick cure for malaria that takes less than a day and costs less that 25 cents US. More that 200 million people get malaria each year causing much poverty throughout the world in malaria countries. The International Red Cross knows of this quick malaria cure which they tested and proved on the 11th - 16th of December 2012.

LEAKED VIDEO Prove Successful Field Test Using MMS on Malaria
LEAKED VIDEO comments & detailed description of what happened
Red Cross Malaria Cover-up - Press Releases
Red Cross Malaria Cover-up - Media Coverage

Red Cross 1st Video, Published May 2, 2013

Red Cross 2nd Video, Published Jul 1, 2013

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