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Archbishop Jim Humble interviews:


2013-09-04 - Jim Humble & Dan Bender - The Miracle Cure for Malaria - Interview by Kim Greenhouse

2013-08-11 - Jim Humble talks to Freedom Central about MMS

2013-08-01 - Jim Humble & Dan Bender interviewed by Gary Null

2013-07-10 - Project Camelot: Jim Humble: Curing Malaria

2013-05-21 - Is MMS As Dangerous As The FDA Says It Is? Jim Humble Responds (Extreme Health Radio)

2010-00-00 - Jim Humble MMS interview in Malawi

2010-00-00 - MMS Beginnings: Jim Humble Interview by Adam Abraham (Food for Thought)

2010-01-00 - Jim Humble interviewed by Bill Ryan: a Project Avalon video

2008-12-31 - Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS


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