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About "Zero Fusion & Atomic Alchemy" by Archbishop Jim Humble:


I and a friend of mine developed this technology over a period of 20 years and with the help of other friends this technology was shopped to most of the world’s atomic countries.  Scientists told me that the proposition was sitting on Putin’s (premier of Russia ) desk, but that was over a year ago and I was also told that the proposition was sitting on the Chancellor of Germany’s desk, too.  But much time has passed and no answers.  I have waited and waited as I thought that it would be best that some Atomic Country shop the technology around the world.  But not so.  All the countries have billions of dollars invested in burying the atomic waste and other products.  No one wants to try the cheaper method 100 times cheaper.  But more than that, the gold and precious metals created when the radiation drops to zero would make billions of dollars.  I am sorry to say this, but the enemies of mankind continue to work against any and all improvements.

 Everything is now based on thousands of people receiving their corruption pay off and they simply don’t want to take the chance of not getting their share.

But this book also tells how to remove radiation from water cheaply and how to make gold by Atomic Alchemy.  Atomic radiation wastes are not available to the public as the governments all keep them under lock and key.  But there are places and ways of finding and using Atomic materials, especially low level radiation that is not dangerous but still useable with this technology.  And also how to kill all pathogens and microorganism in sewerage water so that the sewerage is useable for all water needs.   

Did I do it?  Yes many times.   I actually made gold and platinum  and demonstrated it to Texas A & M University.  But don’t check with them as they will refuse to admit that they every saw me or that they ever came to my Laboratory in Las Vegas,  or that they assayed the precious metals right after my demonstration,  but they did.  Thirteen Videos come with this book free of charge showing actual demonstrations of all of the concepts given in the book.  BUY THIS BOOK AND STORE IT AWAY.  MANKIND MIGHT NOT BE READY FOR THIS TECHNOLOGY, BUT MAYBE IN 20 or 30 or 50 YEARS IT WILL BE NEEDED AND YOU WILL HAVE IT.

This technology has nothing to do with the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing, but it was my invention and I was helped by a friend.  I know of other technology more important, and so do numerous others.  The technology to make a wonder disease free life for all who live on earth and for the billions to come is already known, but the enemies of mankind prevent the technology from becoming known.  Writing books with the information and getting the books out is one way of getting past those who now block the various technologies.  Please help see that this technology gets out there.  Any high school kid can make this technology work.  It is simple and does not require atomic scientists to do the work.


Archbishop Jim Humble"

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Zero Fusion and Atomic Alchemy - Read more.

How to easily reduce radiation to zero and make gold in the process.

This technology could clean up the worlds atomic waste sites if given the chance. Read more.

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Secrets of Enlightenment - Read more.

There are a number of new concepts (secrets) in this book that you will not find in any other book on earth. If that is not so then I will happily refund your money.

They say the simpler a concept is, the longer that it takes to develop. Well, that is true about this book.

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