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The MMS enema might be as effective as intravenous infusions since both methods dump MMS into the plasma of the blood as well as the red blood cell. This is the opinion of several biologists and scientists who have studied the enema method. Otherwise taking MMS by mouth generally delivers the chlorine dioxide to the red blood cells (only) from the stomach and intestines. The plasma will then have a tendency to carry the chlorine dioxide to areas that might not have the red blood cells visiting.

Doing the enema protocol: First clean yourself out with 32 ounces (one quart or 1000 ml approximately) of clean water. You can add a tablespoon of salt, or 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice, or other items recommended by nutritionists, but don't use coffee. Do the cleaning action two or three times. Put 32 ounces in and leave it as long as you can while exercising or massaging your stomach, and then let it out.

If you have a catheter it would be better, but not absolutely required. A catheter is a very flexible tube, rounded on the end so as to have no sharp edges, that is up to 18 inches long. One then very carefully works the catheter into the colon so that the liquid is delivered a little over one foot inside.

In either case, use 32 ounces clean out twice or three times, then insert the MMS in a small amount of water of about 4 ounces. Use the same amount as if you were taking it by mouth. Use the same instructions as taking it by mouth. Just as the protocol says, increase 1 or 2 drops of activated MMS each time. Do as many as 2 enemas a day. Try to keep the MMS in place and allow the colon walls to absorb the entire amount. Keep it up as if you were taking it by mouth. It will be more effective this way. Reduce the amount of MMS if you get diarrhea or nausea. Good luck.


This page provides information about MMS (Master Mineral Supplement) which is a well known salt in solution. The information is not a substitute for licensed professionals who can diagnose, treat, and give medical advice. This page informs people about an option that non-professional people sometimes use as experimental researchers. These MMS web sites describe one well-known salt in solution for limited internal and external use. The wide use of chlorine dioxide and its descriptions do not and can not represent the practice of medicine. These MMS pages assume no responsibility for how people use or understand these descriptive materials. No products are sold or shipped from this web site. No money is collected or billed.




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