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MMS has been used intravenously very successfully, however keep in mind that we have always had just as good results from oral doses of mms. We have used from one to 22 drops of MMS1 for a grown person of 160 pounds. When treating children, use less drops. A child of 80 pounds should have ½ as much as the 160 pound grown person. That is drops of a 28% sodium chlorite solution. These are the instructions and warning:

(1) Always start off with no more than 1 drop of MMS1.  You can then use a couple of drops on the seconds try and continue increasing on subsequent doses until you are using 22 drops over a 6 to 8 hour period.  You can increase up to 4 additional drops each session providing there is no adverse reactions on the previous doses.
(2) Should there be an adverse reaction such as nausea or diarrhea or pains or other reactions, reduce the drops by ½ and continue.
(3) Use no more than a 250 ml IV bag of solution.  The solution can be saline or one of the sugar solutions.
(4) NEVER USE CITRIC ACID OR ANY OTHER ACID to activate the mms when used as an IV.  Add the drops to the bag of IV solution and wait one hour.  the pH of the bag itself activates the mms without acid.
(5) Make sure that no air is in the IV line as air can stop the heart.



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